What colors can bring?

>> Friday, February 8, 2008

I found it useful to extend yesterday's post about colors. Today I will also tell something about the meanings of colors, but from a little bit wider approach.

#Red is a color of life. It symbolizes and radiates heat. Therefore red warms, excites, encourages You and gives energy. It is also a color of love, passion, strength, anger and even war. Ancient Romans would dress their gods in red.

#Orange is the second color in the spectrum. It is associated with the sun, joy, creativity, success, energy. This color brings home warmth and cosiness, stimulates both emotions and mind, makes people more sociable. Therefore it is useful both for Your living room and Your office. The only problem - orange strengthens the appetite, so the eating time can become the eating times. Orange is also a color of courage. However, those who are very sensitive, should avoid it.

#Yellow is the third in the spectrum. It is also related to energy, sun and brings luck, joy and creativity. It is a color of freedom and intelligence. Yellow lamps or windows affects nerve system and the whole body. The immunity is strengthened. On the other hand, yellow is color of envy and fraud.

#Green gives stability, endurance and calm. It has something to do with money, growing, Spring, freshness, youth, devotion, harmony and healing, but also with envy too. This color helps to chill out and analyze new information. Because of it's restful features Ancient Egyptians would dye floor in temples in green.

#Blue associates with the sky, sea, religion, faith, stability, melancholy, trust, devotion, freedom, energy of the spirit, safeness. It was believed the witches dislike blue, so this color would be used as protection from them. Egypt Pharaohs dressed in blue to defence from the evil. Walls dyed in blue, relax You. I think it is because of both emotional and subconscious reasons.

#Violet. It reflect noble object of the spirit, so it is always associated with religion. This color eases nerves. Also it 's curative antiseptic features are unique. Pink and violet means dignity, spirituality and self-esteem.

#Pink is a color of aristocracy, strength, nobility, luxury and sprituality for thousands of years. Pink room can liven an imagination and inspire for art and creation.

#Brown means ground. Therefore it is often related the things which are down-to-earth. It joins us with earth and brings material thoughts. This color is associated with conservativity and stability.

#Grey. It frequently serves as a basement for other colors. This neutral, harmonious color means satisfaction.

#White absorbs all rays and because of that is relaxing and refrigerant. Angels are often dressed in white. They ARE white, I'd add. Ancient Persians believed all gods are white.

#Guess which color You can't see on this background? Yes, the black. And it often means mystery. It is related with sophistication and elegance, but also with dark powers and death. For young people black frequently helps to express their rebellion.


The meanings of flowers and colors. Very useful for Valentine's Day

>> Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day brings a lot of traditions, magic and games. For example, in the Middle Ages young men and women would pull the leaflets with written names. The one which name had been written on the pulled paper would become him or her Valentine. In Wales on this occasion wooden spoons decorated with hears, keys and locks were presented to each other. Images meant:"You've unlocked my heart".However, the advice I shall give You now, hadn't sank into the past and is still very important. The flowers we present each other expressing our love, also have their meanings:

#Red roses mean: "I love You"

#Yellow roses say: "I love You but I'm not sure if You love me too".

#White roses declares: "Our love is pure"

#Four-leaved clovers are a wish for success.

# Orange blossoms represent the everlasting love.

Valentine's Day usually associates with red, pink or white color, but others also have their own meanings.

#For example, blue is the color of trust and reliability.

#Orange, which was already mentioned, is also a color of celebration and happiness.

#Green is a color of hope.


Valentine's Day Is not a Nightmare, My Man

>> Friday, February 1, 2008

Finding the right Valentine's Day gift is probably the most difficult shopping experience in any man's life. It isn't like buying a birthday gift -- choosing a gift for this special occasion won't just show your affection toward her, but your degree of commitment as well, emphasizes Chris Rovney in askmen.com.

The nature of the gift can reflect how much you care, or don't care, about her. The meaning of your gift also varies according to the seriousness and the type of relationship you're in. Here are a few basic gift ideas, depending on your particular relationship level.

Casual date

You've gone out with her a few times, the level of commitment is low, and you're simply having a lot of fun. What do you buy her? This situation is the trickiest of them all because the wrong gift can take the relationship from casual dating to a full-fledged commitment.

Buying her the usual card and flowers is acceptable for this early stage in a relationship, or when your involvement is relatively weak.

On the other hand, if the relationship is strong and its future seems bright, opt for a more original present. For example, a sexy blouse or any form of eveningwear is classy enough to show her that you put some effort into selecting her gift.

Women generally appreciate that you spent some time selecting a gift. So it's a good idea to listen to what she says, pick up on a hint she may mention in passing, and then surprise her with it.

occasional romance

Every man, at one point in his life, will hook up with a woman simply for sex -- and amazing sex at that. This type of relationship is particularly exciting when Valentine's Day comes around, and selecting her gift can be amusing in itself. Choosing the right gift will hopefully guide the intensity of the evening and make it a night to remember.

Most of the time, guys will opt to buy her sexy lingerie. Purchasing lingerie is a little clich, but it's generally well-received by women. Another fashionable gift is a sexy dress she can wear for the Valentine's Day dinner. Keep it sexual by insisting that she leave her underwear at home.

However, instead of buying her these conventional gifts, a suggestion would be to get her a basket of sex toys. If you want to go all the way (in more ways than one), then rent a nice room and try to incorporate all these gifts into your evening.

married man

The married man will probably run out of original gift ideas sooner or later. He doesn't necessarily need to show commitment with his gifts, but he needs to set the mood for the upcoming passionate evening. In this situation, buy her an unconventional set of silk sheets, which can be purchased at any high-end department store. This gift will likely be expensive (which most women appreciate ) and surely has a sexual connotation (which most men love ).

The more conventional alternative for a married man is getting his wife some jewelry. This gift idea will please any woman, married or not...

Remember; these are only suggestions and none of these gifts represent the perfect choice. Each man knows what his woman enjoys, so my advice is to think about what she appreciates the most and use that as a guide.


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