"The Killers" present a killerish gift

>> Monday, December 3, 2007

The Christmas time has come. Our eyes have already witnessed the situation and now it's the time for the ears. Every year famous musicians prepare and present their gifts to the audience, not just because of the Christmas-occupied hearts, of course, but also of the sums of money that come to market in this period. However, it's not about the money this time. If real artists create something, they do it frankly.

"The Killers" share with us their attitude towards major winter celebration this time and it's definitely "killerish" approach. Melody fits to traditional Christmas mood and the ironic lyrics reflects traditional style of the band. And a genial clip (let me mention at least one feature - they sing about Christmas, but there are now traditional sentimental snow or something, the action is taking part somewhere in the desert).

A great composite, to my mind. Therefore, let's watch the video clip of "The Killers" song "Don't Shoot Me Santa" and identify that as "Merry Christmas, our fans!".


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