Some tips for men: gifts for women

>> Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Your brain puzzled how can You please Your girl? Remember - every woman loves toys.

Sometimes not only men are grown children. Women are also!

She gets attracted every time she notices a sophisticated doll made up in XIX century technique and dressed up with XVIII century clothes. There even some sites and blogs, for example,, dedicated to historical dolls news and acquisitions. Admire a picture from there...

Present one of the kind once, and maybe she'd become a collector. Both of You will be happy: she'll have a new passion, You won't be puzzled anymore. Not for always, of course...

If You lady adores watching the stars and is involved in those astrology things, look for the statues of Zodiac signs.

If Our woman tend to romance, find that little musical box which plays a sentimental melody when one opens it.

And, of course, You'll never lose presenting jewels..You'll never imagine what a vast majority of jewels exists unless You go to the place they are sold at. Are You afraid of going there? Afraid of possibility to get lost? It's natural:) Just remember: the way to the shop You can find by map. But when You enter, search for the gift by heart. That is the whole trick.


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