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>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

As we've got started looking for tops of gifts, let's go on. suggests top 10 of business gift baskets. Of course, the primary function of the kind is to remind Your business partners of You. However, You can copy or upgrade the idea and use it in Your personal life. For example, You won't be able to pay a visit to Your relatives or friends this year. Therefore, a nice gift basket would be a great and original compensation. It was published as a top, but I threw away the numbers and places. I believe it's a matter of taste and everyone can create his or her own. top

Corporate Elite Gift Basket

What could be better than a gift basket full of palate-pleasing gourmet treats? A gift basket full of gourmet treats that includes a bottle (or two) of wine. Choose from Cabernet, Chadonnay or Merlot. The bottles come presented in a gold-tassled velvet wine sack nestled in a woven wood and bamboo trunk with a caviar, brie cheese, smoked salmon, crackers, gourmet flavored Cappucinos, and pistachio nuts.

Gourmet Foods Gift Basket

Giving your gift basket recipient a taste of luxury is a great way to show your appreciation. This no-fruit version of the corporate gift basket includes summer sausage, sweet biscuits, gourmet cheeses, mustards and other upscale goodies, packaged in an attractive basket.

Blooming Gourmet Gift Basket

When I'm looking for a gift basket to send to clients or customers, I'm always looking for something different that's going to stand out from other gift baskets the recipient may receive. This Blooming Gourmet Gift Basket is a good example; beautifully arranged carnations, lilies, and asters dress up a mouth-watering collection of chocolates, cookies, cheese and crackers.

Wrap-sody in Red Gift Tower

What are the two things that make a gift tower a winner? An attractive presentation and an array of delectable treats. The Wrap-sody in Red scores top points in both categories. A collection of red leatherette boxes open to reveal vanilla caramels, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered marshmallows, white chocolate-covered pretzel balls, red and green Christmas hard candies and more. Perfect for holiday season giving.

Juniper Bonsai Gift Basket

Here's a different approach to the business gift basket idea; instead of food, show your appreciation with a Juniper Bonsai, a small shrub sculpted into a work of art. Juniper has a particularly pleasing scent and color and is evergreen. Any of the juniper bonsais on this page will make a beautiful addition to anyone's office or home.

Single Rose Gourmet Gift Basket

Its not just what's in a gift basket but how it's presented; you want your gift basket to impress your clients or business associates with its good looks as well as its tasty contents. This Single Rose Gourmet Gift Basket fills the bill admirably. Each attractively trimmed basket is brim-full of treats such as gourmet cheese, crackers, sausage, chocolates, and candies. (Exact contents may vary as each basket is created individually.)

Bountiful Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket

It's hard to beat the traditional fruit and gourmet gift basket when it comes to choosing a business or corporate gift basket. They're not only attractive, but contain enough variety of food that you're sure to please the recipient's taste buds. This example is truly a classic, with a bountiful assortment of seasonal mixed fresh fruits, cookies, crackers, candies, cheese, jams, or similar gourmet goodies, spilling out of a wicker basket.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Gift Basket

There's something particularly irresistable about the combination of strawberries and chocolate - especially when we're talking about dark, milk or white chocolate sprinkled with almonds, coconut, mini-chocolate chips and double-dipped, a feast for both the eyes and the tongue. If the recipients are chocolate lovers, send them a box of these rather than a gift basket.

Winter Wonderland Gift Basket

Clients, customers, office staff, business associates – any or all of them would appreciate receiving this festive gift basket, sporting a collection of red carnations, white chrysanthemums, gerberas, holly and pinecones in a wicker basket tied with a red and green ribbon. It's like getting a shot of holiday spirit!

The City Block Gourmet Snack Tower

This snack tower is an ideal gift "basket" for sharing within an office. An attractive package opens to reveal nine individual boxes packed with scrumptious treats such as Aaron Bell Popcorn, Sesame Stix, Caramel Corn, Old Fashioned Taffy, Butter Toffee Peanuts and Ranch flavored Corn Nuts – something to please every taste.

So be free to choose, to think, to improve, to create or to say "I don't need this s***". However, if You want further information, go to


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