Christmas shopping. First look

>> Saturday, November 10, 2007

Recently I had a pleasure to visit Belgium. On a casual nice evening I was driving my trolley in the store and suddenly I saw THAT for the first time this year. It was a woman. Not ordinary woman. She had THAT. She was carrying a few little toys. For Christmas, I got aware it momently. We all are able to sense THAT in a moment. That's how I encountered with a Christmas shopping for the first time this year. Of course, I wasn't the first. And soon everybody will go for THAT... Don't You feel familiar with those in this video?

And even more sooner everybody will catch themselves in the deep deep thinking whether Charlie will be happy to get this, does Liz want that and so on. Some people love searching for Christmas gifts. But the majority certainly doesn't. Ant this sense leads into tiresome wandering in the shopping malls and saying goodbye to the hope of finding something.

STOP! Stop thinking so! It isn't so difficult as it seems at the first glance. Everything should be different this year. Ok?

We'll start with the most unoriginal (but still lovely) gifts and then go further.

Gifts for every case of life.

Don't agonize and buy things which are need by everyone. I personally don't know a man who doesn't need at least one of these: tie, shaving gear, T-shirts, muffler, a bottle of qualitative vodka or whisky (Maybe Robinson didn't need them, but I hadn't acquainted with him). What is more, look here.

Woman always will find a way to use lipstick, perfume, jewelery or cosmetics. Read here, of course.

Are You not happy? No problem. Let's go further.

Usefulness and practicalness

Many people presents the things which are useful to themselves. It's a little bit selfish but You also have friends who are doing this, I can swear. Except You don't have friends. So don't get too surprised when You get a CD, a PC game a book or something else, which soon will be borrowed. Then You will have a moral reason to do the same. You already have, I could guess.

However, there is a kind of selfish presents which still remains perfect. A practical girl is always able to present a wonderful New Year's Eve where the most important present is she, wonderful and unforgettable.

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